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Town of Saint Germain Resolutions

Most decisions made at town board and town committee meetings are presented, discussed and voted on in the form of motions. Topics are occasionally presented and discussed as resolutions, especially when the matter is more complex than most motions or requires a more formal format. The Wisconsin Towns Association describes motions and resolutions as follows:

Motion: A procedural action made orally at a meeting to present an issue for discussion and action.
Resolution: A formal determination or expression of a body’s policy or position (generally in writing)

Resolutions include several "Whereas" statements followed by a "Therefore be it resolved" declaration. The "Whereas" statements are essentially the justification for the action being committed to or "adopted" in the "Therefore" statement.

The following list of resolutions have been adopted by St. Germain town boards over the years:

Date of adoption

Topic of resolution

2020, Jan 22

Town Cemetery Temporary Coordinator

2020, Jan 22

Town Cemetery Ownership Transfer

2019, Sep 16

Comprehensive Plan - Public Participation

2019, Sep 09

Indepencence Day Celebration Committee

2019, Sep 09

Recreational Facilities Committee

2019, Jun 06

Elector authorization to rebuild Bo-Boen groomer barn

2019, Apr 08

Authorization of E-Bikes on Town Bike & Hike trails

2019, Mar 11

Rescind old "Repair Fire Damaged Bldgs" and "Fumigation of Bldgs" ordinances

2019, Mar 11

Rescind SG90-8-1 old "Solid Waste and Burning" ordinance

2019, Feb 11

Attending meetings from a remote location

2019, Jan 31

Rescind ordinances ST-1 & H-1

2018, Oct 08

Authorization for Lakes Committee to pursue DNR grant funding

2018, Sep 10

Authorization for Lakes Committee to pursue DNR grant funding

2018, Aug 13

Support WTA efforts in increase state town roads funding

2018, Apr 19

Approve application of DNR grant for town park bathrooms

2018, Apr 19

Adoption of Vilas County Outdoor Recreation Plan

2018, Feb 12

Town issued Credit Cards

2017, Jun 12

Accepting Dedication of Public Lands

2017, Apr 17

Creation of Animal Control Officer position

2016, Dec 12

Code of ordinances

2016, Oct 10

Town board committment to ordinance review & enforcement

2016, Jul 19

Vacate portion of Dollar Road

2013, Nov 11

Response to proposed legislation regarding non-metalic mining

2011, Sep 30

Adoption of employee grievance procedure

2010, Jan 02

Opposition to implementation of proposed Department of Revenue modified property assessment plan

2010, Jan 01

Landfill Venture Group Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement amendment

2008, Nov 17

Committment to purchase fire truck

2008, Nov 17

Landfill Venture Group funding committment

2008, Nov 17

Aquatic Invasive Species control grant funding request from State

2008, Oct 13

Authorization for Prime Timers to build a garage on town property

2008, Aug 11

Partial vacating of Kelsy Court

2007, Dec 10

Aquatic Invasive Species control grant funding request from State

2007, Jan 08

Aquatic Invasive Species control grant funding request from State

2006, May 12

Town board committment for binding referendum concerning future of Red Brick Schoolhouse

2005, Dec 12

Lake Planning Grant funding request from State

2005, Sep 01

Partial vacating of Hiawatha Avenue

2005, Aug 08

Smoke free buildings and vehicles

2005, Jun 14

Lakes Committee committment to funding for Lakes Fairs

2005, Apr 11

Partial vacating of Hemlock Lane

2005, Mar 14

Responsibility for maintenance of paved non-motorized trails at intersections with BO-BOEN trails

2005, Mar 14

Lakes Committee cash expenditure for Lakes Fairs

2005, Jan 13

Lake Planning Grant funding request from State

2004, Oct 11

Town agreement to preserve and maintain original Red Brick Schoolhouse

2004, Jul 12

Lake Planning Grant funding request from State

2003, Oct 16

Town committment to aquatic invasive species funding for local lakes

2003, Oct 13

Call for Legislative action for aquatic invasive species funding

1999, Oct 11

Adopt 2020 Land Use Plan

1999, Jun 14

Grant sale of fermented malt beverages at Golf Club

1996, Jun 18

Approval to amend Zoning Ordinance

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