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Saint Germain Housing Authority

(Low Income Housing For The Elderly & Disabled)
(Visit https://www.st-germain.com/housingauthority/
for more details)


(Provided by Marv Anderson, Housing Authority Member, March 2019)

    • 1982:  Several residents began researching senior housing options for the Town.
      • The Town Board created a committee to consider the feasibility for a project and agreed to pay the expenses involved in the study.
      • One of the first actions was to mail a questionnaire to all local residents, encompassing their interest, apartment size, services needed, etc. Response was “excellent."
      • The Eliason family donated property for the project.
    • 1983: With the Town Attorney’s approval and in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 66.40, the Town Board adopted ordinance "H-1" establishing the Housing Authority.
      • Charter members Richard Mantei, Mark Voll, Carl Herrmann, Jean Seifried, and Betty Walsh were recognized.  Their first order of business was to establish by-laws.
      • Housing Authority members met with an architect to develop plans for a complex of 12 one-bedroom units.  A rep from Farmers Home Administration (FMHA) met with the Housing Authority to review applications, loans, etc.. Lots of paperwork…..application was ultimately approved.
    • 1985:  August groundbreaking led to the first building being ready for occupancy in early 1986.
      • The Housing Authority and Town Board agreed to the Town accepting an annual payment from the Housing Authority in lieu of property taxes.  That agreement remains in place today.
      • The Housing Authority pays all its routine operating expenses while accumulating funds for projects such as parking lot maintenance, building maintenance and appliance/fixture upgrades.
    • 1988: Construction of a second building consisting of 3 two-bedroom and 9 one-bedroom units was ready for occupancy in November following approval of a second FMHA loan.
    • 1992: Construction of a third building consisting of 3 two-bedroom and 9 one-bedroom units was ready for occupancy in December following approval of a third FMHA loan.
    • 2014: Francine Byrns, who for many years had provided dedicated service as the Housing Authority Executive Director, retired from that position, but remained an active member. Following a search for potential firms to assume management of the day-to-day operations, the Housing Authority contracted with A&M services of Crandon to provide on-site management once per week plus other property management services provided from its Crandon office. 
    • As of 2019, the Housing Authority has three outstanding loans with a total balance of approximately $1 million.  Maintaining debt is necessary to qualify for federal Rural Development rent subsidy.
    • Housing Authority members are appointed to 5-year staggered terms. As of August 06, 2020, the members are: Sue Kessrow, Chair; Marv Anderson, Vice Chair; Nancy Neff, Secretary; Cookie Lough. As of July 14, 2020, Marion Janssen was renewed for another 5-year term

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