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South end of Found Lake in 1922

Found Lake Today

Found Lake is a 336 acre lake located in St Germain Township,  Vilas County WI. The lake is a drainage lake with a maximum depth of 21 feet and a mean depth of 11 feet. According to the lake planning study results of 2005 Found Lake is mesotrophic, meaning it is characterized by moderately clear water with an increasing chance of low dissolved oxygen in deep water during the summer. Due to heavy rains the last few years the lake has more of a brownish tint due to abundant tannin draining into the lake. The lake usually experiences an annual algae bloom which results in a slight greenish cast to the clear water color.

The Found Lake Property owners Association was formed in the 1990's by lake owners with a concern for their Lake. Since forming the Association many dedicated members have spent several thousand hours conducting boat inspections at the boat ramp and monitoring water quality.  Additionally we have participated in the Clean Boats Clean Waters program by hiring student interns to also perform inspections at the ramp.  Each year the Association conducts an annual meeting/picnic  (usually in early July) to go over important topics relevant to the lake and elect new officers. This web page will provide all pertinent information as it becomes available. 


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